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Submachine Cheats

WARNING: These cheats are subject to spoil the game. Please only use these cheats if you are desperate.

  1. Go up ladder - pull lever
  2. Down, left to end, up ladder - pull lever and get valve from floor
  3. Down and right - drag valve onto hole in pipe
  4. Right, down, left, down - get coin
  5. Up, right, down - pull lever, get paper (not overly necessary, story background)
  6. down, left - click on unit in right corner, put in code written on coin. Click on open box to get fuse
  7. Go right to end - click on bells so that all the blocks are in the air. Click panel and get tile.
  8. Left, up, up, right, down - put fuse in box
  9. Up, left, up, right to end - pull lever to start electricity
  10. Left, Left, down, right, down, right, up - get tile
  11. Down - put cursor over right button of radio and keep it there until the drawer underneath full opens. Get spoon.
  12. Left, up, left, down, down - look at the three knobs between the pipes. Take note of which way they are turned (which way the lines are facing)
  13. Up, up, left - click on the knobs under the three pumps so that they are all facing the same way as the other knobs.
  14. Right, up, left - turn valve, should hear sound of pipe breaking
  15. Right, down, right, down, right, down - get pearl from floor under broken pipe
  16. Up, left, up, left, up, left, left - put pearl on end of clock's pendulum. Get tile.
  17. Go right to end - put spoon on wires and short out the electricity. Get tile from behind panel.
  18. Left and left - put tiles in wall mount. Click on door.
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