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A Case of the Crabs Cheats

WARNING: These cheats are subject to spoil the game. Please only use these cheats if you are desperate.

Part 1: The Office

A Case of the Crabs starts out with a rather funny joke. It kind of caught me off-guard that a game was making me smile in the first five seconds. You'll get a bit of the story from the game's main character, Nick Bounty.
A man will soon walk in with a box of crabs. After talking for a few seconds, he'll fall over dead... I think the knife in his back might have something to do with it. Pick up the crab that is wandering around the floor by using the get command. Then, take a look at the box the murdered dude was carrying. It came from a shipping company on the south side. Nick will decide fairly quickly that he should go check that place out. Good idea, Nick.
You can also pick up the knife jetting out of the dead guy's back. I suppose a knife could be pretty handy, eh You also need to pick up the library card and the book on fingerprinting. The card can be found laying on Nick's desk and the book about fingerprinting can be found on the bookshelf. Use your knife on the book about fingerprinting to make a much nicer little leaflet. You have just about everything you can get and have done everything you can do for now, so exit via the door. You'll arrive at a city map. Head to the only other available area aside from the office, the Shiny Barnacle Shipping Docks.

Part 2: Shipping Docks

Arriving at the docks, you'll see a man polishing one of the sections of the only visible dock. His name is Bill and you can try to talk to him, but you won't get too much of a reaction out of him. Check out the small stack of crates and you'll notice that they?re all just like the one that the dead guy brought into your office. You can use the knife that you pulled from Arthur's back on one of the crates but there will just be more crabs inside. You already have a crab in your pocket, but you might as well look at this one. Nick will discover something so horrible, so devious... that he will shudder uncontrollably. After this gruesome discovery, pick up the toy crab.
To the right of Bill is a box containing some sea sponges. Pick one of them up. Is that Spongebob on the box Sweet.
Next, put your live crab in Bill's bucket. The next time he puts his hand in he will get a little suprise. Of course, the guys mad, so you'll have to explain yourself. You'll get four choices of things to say. Pick the first three. So good old Arthur had a boat down here, eh When you want to stop talking, pick the fourth option.
Use your crab on the crate of squid. The crab will frighten the squid and a fountain of ink will go spraying out of him! Then, mop up the ink with your sea sponge to make an inkpad. Awesome. Now, let's go back to the office.

Part 3: Office Part 2

Look at your new fingerprinting leaflet. The first step is to check to see if the victim has hands. Well, go ahead. Look at his hands. Okay, so he has them. Great. Look at the leaflet again to get step two. An ink pad You've got one of those in the inky sponge! Use the inkpad on Arthur's hand to make his hand all inky and stuff. Then, look at the leaflet again and place the library card on his fingers to get a nice set of fingerprints. THERE! You've finally got a nice looking fake I.D...almost. Head to the Blue Crab Cafe.

Part 4: Blue Crab Cafe

First thing you'll want to do here is cut the Lonely Guy flyer off the wall using your knife. Then, place the picture on your fake ID NOW you have a genuine fake ID! Congrats! Use the card on the ID scanner in front of the Blue Crab Cafe.
Once you enter, you'll notice that the place seems rather empty. Think it could have something to do with the rigorous security they have Eh, maybe. A waitress will come running up and tell you the menu. Ask her about counterfeit crabs and she'll say that that's the reason business is so bad. Suuure. Anyway, you can talk to her about the other three things, but nothing will really come of it. Tell her the fourth option and she'll leave you alone. Walk up farther into the Blue Crab and you'll end up in the kitchen where some rather ancient music is playing. Pick up the piece of cheese that's sitting on the kitchen counter. Then, exit via the door to the right. One of the E Street Band will stop you and bring you to Bruce's place... err.. forget I said that. Apparently this fat chubby little guy is actually the head of the crab counterfeiting operation. He'll tell you to stay out of his business and then you'll be thrown out of his office.
Outside of his office, pick up two of the can halves from the garbage can. Not much else to do here, so use the exit that's to the left. Then, head back to outside the Blue Crab Cafe. The gate that was locked earlier is now open, because you just came from there. Use your real crab on the fuse box. Now the power will be out in the kitchen. After that, move the empty box that's to the left of the three stacked up boxes to find a business card. Pick it up and look at it. If you squint, you can make out the name Wilbur Thug on the card. Interesting. Take those wires hanging from the fuse box as well.
Go back inside and talk to Gutman. Talk to him about every single thing that comes up, and eventually you'll convince him that listening to the blues doesn't help. Thus you?ll be able to take his Victrola. We've taken a bunch of stuff lately, haven't we Next, head over to Jim's Shack O Crabs !

Part 5: Jim's Shack

You can't talk to Jim right now, because he's deathly afraid of that large rat that's tormenting him(I wonder if he locked himself out too?). So, make a nice little rat trap by combining your cheese and toy crab. Use your trap on the rat and away he will go. Jim is still suffering a bit of a twitch though. Talk to him to help get rid of it for him. Speak to him about all three topics.Hmm.. sounds like something we could help with.Give the poor man Wilbur's business card. He'll call him up, giving you a nice shining opportunity to use some stuff. Next, we'll need to go back to the boss' office.

Part 6: The Boss

Once you get here, combine the can halves and the wires to create a state of the art listening device. If you try to use it on the window to hear what the boss is talking about on the phone, Nick will tell you that he's having an incriminating conversation . So, combine your Victrola and hearing device to create a perfect spy machine. Use the machine on the window.
After Nick gets all the evidence he needs, he'll dump the spy equipment and you'll be left with a record. Head inside to the Boss' office and confront him. However, the Boss would rather not be thrown in the slammer, so he does away with your evidence! Pretty soon, he points the gun at you! If you try and select Shoot, Nick will unfortunately inform you that he has actually never had a gun! So instead, throw the crab you?ve had all this time at him. Enjoy the ending.

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