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El Destino R Cheats

WARNING: These cheats are subject to spoil the game. Please only use these cheats if you are desperate.

  • Ashtray - it’s on the table
  • If you move the chair you will see a electrical outlet. You will need it later
  • Yellow thing - left door handle
  • Cell phone - from the book
  • Yellow car - from the chair near the computer
  • Empty ashtray in the trash box
  • Look at the clock and see the green thing(you can’t reach it)
  • Ted thing - click the top of the post(looking down from the top of the stairs)
  • Extention gripper - the dresser at the left.
  • Memory card case - top left of the dresser, you need the extention gripper to get it
  • Battery - top right of the dresser, also use the extention gripper
  • Black light lamp - right drawer
  • Turn off the light(top of the stairs at the right). Go left once and use lamp on the floor.
  • You will see 3 letters(different every time) you’ll use them at the computer.
  • Use the lamp on the ashtray and you will find the code for the tool box. Turn on the light.
  • Screwdriver and blue thing - tool box
Go downstairs:
  • Key - from the car(use screwdriver)
  • Put the battery in the electrical outlet, and then the phone. Exit this view and then come back.
  • The phone is charged.
  • Look at the phone - send message to dad.
  • Look at the phone again - you’ve got mail
  • Open mail and play ZUNO. You need to take the yellow car out so remember the numbers where the yellow car apears.
  • Use this code and the key at the safe on the wall with the clock and get car key and red cell phone.
  • Green thing - use gripper
  • Memory card - from the red phone
  • Use memory card with memory card case and then put it in the card reader.
  • Open the computer. Type the 3 letters from upstairs and then take the memory card.
  • Go to the final safe. Put the 4 things, and the memory card.
  • Use car key on the car and you finished it.
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