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Penance Cheats

WARNING: These cheats are subject to spoil the game. Please only use these cheats if you are desperate.

  • Chewed fingers (in room 2, the tunnel, up on the right hand side beside a light fitting)
  • Porn (in the male bathroom trashcan)
  • Money (you get this off the crying man in room 4 by going to the board in room 1 (where there is a bench and a pentacle/star) and pressing the button. A series of questions will come up written backwards; you need to answer them in backwards spelling too -"gnihsif" for your childhood memories, then "sey" then "efiw eht si erehw" Once you have the answers, go back to the crying man, tell him his wife is in heaven and "no" she did not murder their baby. He will give you the money.)
  • Trophy (found in room 3, in the rafters above all the books)
  • Photos (to get these you have to complete a mini-puzzle. Firstly, go to the room with the pentacle and search on the ground under the bench for the spare change. Then take the spare change into the hallway, turn around to face the rest of the hallway, and you'll see a small bin on the right. Click on it to get a mobile phone, and enter the pin code "3941" into the phone (type it) then press the enter button immediately below the screen (I don't know how we know that code, but I got it from the posts above). Then you search for "brian" and it will give you his phone number, 0429783521. The mobile is out of credit, so you have to use the wall phone (turn around) instead. To do this, click on the receiver, then click on the small button up the top of the phone to put in your spare change. Then enter the numbers by clicking on them (it's a bit fiddly), and if you enter them correctly, it will dial and you will be speaking to - gasp - your dead friend Brian. Tell him you know he's dead, and then tell him you are sorry. He will forgive you and then inform you of some photos that he'll leave for you. Hang up, and click under the phone slightly to the right (press Tab if you can't find the spot and it will be highlighted). Tada, you'll have the photos!)
  • Knife (click on a panel in the ceiling in the hallway facing rooms one and two - a head will fall out and you'll get the knife from its mouth.)
  • Contract (on the ceiling of the hallway viewpoint from where you can see the information booth and the power grid).

Once you have all seven items (fingers, porn, money, trophy, photos, knife, contract), go back to the room with the pentacle. If you click on the apices of the star, where the symbols are, you will notice a pop-up circle of the items you have collected. Select an item for each of the symbols as follows:

  • from the very bottom of the outside going clockwise
  • money, porn, finger, photos, contract
  • then in the centre, top-trophy, bottom-knife.
This will result in you being given some of satan's hair. Take it to the power grid (in the hallway) and click on the broken wiring between the top left box and the puzzle box. This should connect the circuit.

Then you have to solve the puzzle. The basic aim of this is to get all the white symbols on the left hand side by figuring out the order in which to click the arrows. I did this by guesswork and logic but I wasn't planning on writing a walkthrough at that point, so I don't remember, sorry. Just click around, and have a search through the above posts - there may be an answer somewhere!

Once you've solved the puzzle, pull the switch down, and a box will come up telling you you are able to go to the information desk. Tell the man there "hello" "purgatory" and "envy and wrath" in response to his questions, and he will tell you you are going to heaven (there is also an alternative ending where you go to hell, but I didn't complete that version so I don't know how to get it. I think you have to say different things to Brian on the phone).

Then go to the ticket point, where the gates are, and hurrah, you go to heaven.

(Incidentally, the books on the ground don't need to be read to complete any puzzles, and neither does the map of all the stations on the wall).

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