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Heli Attack 3 Cheats

WARNING: These cheats are subject to spoil the game. Please only use these cheats if you are desperate.

From the Main menu click on Players. Select "Cheats" and type in the box that says "Enter cheat code:" the code you want to use. Type it in EXACTLY as shown.
  • iopred : Cute message
  • DayDream : Cute message
  • John Rambo : Unlocks Bow&Arrow
  • Old Faithful : Unlocks ChainGun (Found by Austinator)
  • Its a Jackal : Unlocks SniperRifle (Found by deathcharms)
  • This is my boomstick : Unlocks DoubleShotgun (Found by Patware)
  • Shrapnel : Unlocks FlakCannon (Found by Patware)
  • Follow the leader : Unlocks GuidedLauncher (Found by razer)
  • Moonshine : Unlocks DrunkenLauncher (Found by Dukeofme)
  • Gloop : Unlocks GooGun (Found by Sky-Fighter Ace)
  • 9 Volt : Unlocks SparkPlug (Found by 24/7 Gamer)
  • Australians all let us rejoice : Unlocks Bladerang (Found by Shellman)
  • Alpha : Unlocks LaserRifle (Found by mastervb)
  • Beta : Unlocks AutoLaserRifle (Found by Ghundio)
  • Gamma : Unlocks LaserShotgun (Found by mastervb)
  • I dont have time to bleed : Unlocks Anytime (Found by ravenfrost)
  • Call in artillery : Unlocks Airstrike (Found by zell96740)
  • Missile launch detected : Unlocks ABombLauncher (Found by ravenfrost)
  • Bass in your face : Unlocks Soundwaave (Found by Patware)
  • Wash away the rain : Unlocks BlackHoleGenerator (Found by deathcharms)
  • Ive got jungle fever, shes got jungle fever : Unlocks Amazon Jungle (Found by iforgot2314)
  • Aint no mountain high enough : Unlocks Canyon Lands (Found by Patware)
  • Who rides the wrecking ball : Unlocks Underground Lab (Found by ndrd)
  • up up down down left right left right b a select start : Unlocks All Weapons (Found by deathcharms and bobbler)
  • You are the moon master : Unlocks All Levels
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