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The MacGyver Escape Game Cheats

WARNING: These cheats are subject to spoil the game. Please only use these cheats if you are desperate.

  1. Click the top board on the door to get a stick.
  2. Click the lamp to get some chewing gum and a piece of string.
  3. 'Use' your mouth with the chewing gum.
  4. 'Use' the chewed chewing gum with the air pipe.
  5. 'Use' the string with the chewed air-filled chewing gum.
  6. 'Use' the gunpowder with the stick.
  7. Turn to face the skateboard.
  8. 'Use' the skateboard with the stick.
  9. 'Use' the burning stick with the 'Bomb'
  10. Click the box
  11. 'Use' the bomb on the box
  12. Click the hole in the box to get more items.
  13. 'Use' the bottle of ink with the bottle of alchol.
  14. 'Use' the feather with the knife.
  15. 'Use' the dart with the straw.
  16. 'Use' the blowpipe with the ink-alcohol.
  17. 'Use' the poisoned blowpipe on the little hole in the wall.
  18. Get the mini-crowbar
  19. Click on the boards.
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