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Hapland Cheats

WARNING: These cheats are subject to spoil the game. Please only use these cheats if you are desperate.

  1. Open all the windows and click the red arrow to turn it around.
  2. Click on the hatch on the right top to open it, then, click the yellow arrow to get a stick guy out.
  3. Using the cannon launcher in the lowest position, fire the first round to drop the bridge down.
  4. Fire the second round up at the bell and click the spear so it goes the other way just after the round hits the bell.
  5. Fire the next two rounds at the bridge, but click the bridge to knock them in the air and explode without causing any damage.
  6. Click the light bulb by the stick guy at the bottom to get him to smash it.
  7. Fire the last round in the lowest position. The bottom stick guy will pick it up and opens the door with it.
  8. Now, click the stick guy by the machine so he gets in it, and click the yellow arrow to get another guy out and get him to fire the stick guy in the cannon, up at the bell.
  9. The stick buy by the bell will move the tower over if you click him. Then, click the spear. Now, keep clicking the bell until it falls. This will remove the land mine.
  10. Click the door in the bottom left so the stick guy comes out and just as he goes in the door on the right, click the bottom stick guy. A dog tries to chase him, but the falling concrete stops it.
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