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Astro Runner Online Game

Astro Runner

Astro Runner online flash game is an action game that's very fun and engaging. As most action games Astro Runner takes a bit of practice to get a hang of it and requires a little bit of skill. Use your mouse and keyboard to play Astro Runner, you will be given detailed instructions and a tutorial in game.

The game is fun for all family to play, and it's a great fun little thing to play when you have some time to kill at home or office. Astro Runner features nice modern flash graphics and animation effects as well as sound effects and a cool sound track. You can turn the sound off in the game, but it will be on by default so keep that in mind and adjust your speakers accordingly.

You are a member of the elite Astro Runner squad(defenders of the peace, weapons of the brave, hope for the hopeless). While on your latest mission your ships guidance systems failed leaving you to navigate the treacherous Asteroid Belt with nothing but y

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